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All-Inclusive Wedding Day Storytelling

This is a time of excitement, but also of exploration, research and military-grade planning. Working out the details of your wedding is no small task. I know you have questions and I’m the guy who can give you the answers you’re looking for.

Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Who will photograph our wedding?

I, Radek, (the guy with the beard) do solemnly declare that I will photograph your wedding. Both as the business owner of BeardedCamera and a professional, reliable wedding photographer. My promise is that you will receive the very best service, attention and focus. Every. Single. Time. You can also choose enhanced coverage with backup from a second photographer. This will give you shots of the groom getting ready, a second angle on your ceremony and reception and off-camera lighting for creative portraits. I select my second shooters from an elite list of experienced ninja photographers. I’ve worked with them all in the past and trust them implicitly.

What is your style?

I am so glad you asked! My style is ‘creative documentary’ as I am a creative, storytelling photographer. I will document your wedding day as truly and creatively as possible without you and your guests being conscious of my presence. I put lots of focus and energy into your ‘creative portraits’; images of you two alone on your big day. I search for interesting light, angles and backgrounds. I use my individual techniques to transform your wedding portraits into works of art. All images on my website are from real weddings and portrait sessions I have been commissioned to photograph.

How do we know that you will do a good job?

Don’t take my word for it - I will allow my testimonials and portfolio to guide your decision. I have photographed over 250 weddings in 15 years. Each couple has provided positive thoughts on their experience. My career has allowed me to work alongside hundreds of couples, preferences, styles and venues. This has given me the practical, artistic and intuitive skills that I can bring to your big day. Proof of my capabilities lies in my wedding photography portfolio. I invite you to explore this, as it reflects the kind of photography you can expect from me on your wedding day.

Do you offer destination wedding photography or elopement photography?

Absolutely, yes! I love travelling and I love destination weddings, whether large or intimate, in the UK, Europe or in more exotic climes. The opportunity to take photos of my couples in new and unique settings is a dream come true for me. Logistics-wise, I recommend my arrival to be at least one day early to scout locations and mitigate the risk of delays. I also typically request a day to myself to explore your beautiful location of choice. All destination wedding commissions include a day-after session for extra and reflective images. This removes time and location restraints.

How do we arrange your travel?

I will book my own airfare, hotel and transportation, so you don’t have to worry about a thing .

Do you travel for engagement photography sessions as well?

Yes - I am very happy to come to your location. Whether it’s a different city or country, I will photograph you at the destination of your choice.

Where are you based?

Manchester, UK. But as a destination wedding photographer I move around a lot, depending on the season and my calendar.

How long have you been in business?

I turned my part-time passion for photography into a full-time profession in 2004. Since that time, I have documented over 250 first kisses.

How do we book you?

I recommend that we meet before you book. You can tell me all about your wedding plans and you can be sure we are the perfect fit. Fill out the form on my contact page with your dates and information and I will get back to you ASAP. We can arrange an in-person consultation at my Manchester photography office, or a Skype or WhatsApp video call. All booking and payment procedures can be done online and the initial booking requires a contract and £500 retainer. The remaining payment will be due just before the wedding day or event.

Can you hold our date for us?

I can guarantee your wedding date upon payment of the retainer fee and the contract signing, but not before then. If you are the first couple to express interest in a certain date, I will hold the spot for you for 48 hours. This will ensure you have priority in case another couple enquires about the same date. To state the obvious, (because sometimes the obvious is good!) I only accept one wedding booking per day. Part of my promise to you is that my time, care and attention will be yours and only yours for the whole of your big day.

Where can I see examples of full weddings you have photographed?

I have created a special section of my website, ’Wedding Story’ to showcase examples of my wedding day storytelling. I have also established a blog where I will place updates on the weddings I shoot for new couples to explore. I invite you to take a look at both to see if they spark your imagination.

We want to meet you, but we don’t live in the same place. Is there a solution?

Most couples hire me without an in-person meeting. I respond to your emails and phone calls very quickly and thoroughly and I am able to answer most questions remotely. I am happy to schedule a Skype or WhatsApp video call with new couples and this generally works well. We will always find a way.

We love your photography but unfortunately, you are out of our budget - can you still help?

Of course! Get in touch using the form on my contact page and we can discuss a custom wedding photography package. If I can’t meet your needs, don’t worry! I will be happy to refer you to a wedding photographer who will be a perfect fit for you.

Do you photograph details and family group photos?

Yes - a wedding photography collection would not be complete without wedding details and family photos. I take and deliver the photographs you would expect of any wedding photographer. However, my goal is to go above and beyond this to provide you with photographs that you could never have imagined.

Do we need to take family photos?

I know that not everyone likes the ‘posed’-looking photos of family on wedding days. However, my aim is to put everyone at ease, so your images are natural and better reflect the day as it truly was. When you present images to your family of them looking their best and enjoying your big day together, they will love and appreciate it. These pictures can reinforce bonds and are their reminder of your special day and how importance their part was in it. They are also mementos of significant moments you’ve all shared that they can keep and draw upon forever.

Do we receive the RAW, unedited files?

I don’t make RAW, unedited files available for viewing or purchase. This is because they are useless in this format and only come to life once edited by a professional and experienced photographer. You are hiring me not only to provide a product, but also a process. Without the process, there are no finished images. The editing process takes the most time during any wedding photography commission. It is during this process that I identify and remove all the less-flattering frames. I then work on the finest ones to present you with only the best images of your day.

Can we own the rights to the pictures?

As per industry standard, I retain the image rights. However, I will give you full printing rights so you can share them with your family and friends. You can do so through albums, prints, your online gallery, e-mail, Facebook or your blog. When posting online, please give me a shout out so your friends know where your ridiculously awesome photographs came from! I would also appreciate you avoiding cropping or altering the photos online. The sizes and formats in which I deliver them represent them at their finest.

Should I give you a shot list?

This won't be necessary, my skill as a professional wedding photographer is to creatively and freely capture every element of your wedding. This includes images of your dress, rings, jewellery, shoes, flowers, food and venue décor. Although bridal magazines and blogs may recommend asking this question, my experienced peers will agree that working from a long list on a busy wedding day is virtually impossible. I have photographed hundreds of weddings and I encourage you to trust in my guidance. This also removes extra responsibilities or worries for you.

Do you edit all of our photographs?

Yes, I do. I personally edit every image you receive, one at a time, using the latest and best-quality editing software. I do not batch-edit your images or mass-process them. Rather, I adjust each one, so you are presented with images that are as individual as your wedding day itself.

Do you offer wedding albums?

Yes, they are the ideal way to store your memories and I offer a variety of beautiful customized Italian wedding albums. I design and compile them myself, then have them printed and delivered to you. For a preview of how my fine art wedding albums look, visit my wedding albums page.

Can you personalize your packages?

Everything is customizable. What I recommend is that I take you through the range when we meet, so you can review the options and choose your preferences.

Do you offer wedding video/cinematography?

I don’t work with videos or cinematography personally, but I can recommend a video team that suits your style when we meet and chat.

What is your wedding photography pricing?

Please contact me with your details, such as dates, locations and any other details that will be important to you on your wedding day. I will then get back to you ASAP so we can look at my availability and discuss starting rates. Once I learn more about you and your wedding ideas, I can customize your commission and create some incredible album and artwork combinations for your specific ideas and aesthetics.

What kind of gear do you use?

A great photographer can take incredible pictures with just about anything. However, having the right tools and knowing how to use them takes quality to the next level. I use all the best gear necessary for my style. I shoot exclusively with Nikon professional gear. This includes full-frame bodies, fast primes, professional zooms and lighting equipment. My favourite wedding camera is my Nikon D4.

Do you have backup gear?

Absolutely. When I photograph such an important day, I only have one shot at it. So, I always ensure that I have back-ups of everything. I carry extra camera bodies, lenses, flashes and way more memory cards and batteries than I need. With something as precious as your wedding day, over-preparation is key!

How many images will we receive?

Quality always wins over quantity, so I don’t like to guarantee a minimum number of images. I would rather give you a more modest collection of photos that will blow you away rather than hundreds of “pretty good” or “okay” ones. On average, I will provide 400-800 images that capture your big day thoroughly, artistically and beautifully.

What happens if you get sick on our wedding day?

I have never had to cancel a wedding due to illness. Unless I am critically ill or unable to walk, I will battle through anything. I always have a backup photographer on standby in case I am too ill to make a wedding day, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it’s my indestructible Polish genes!

Are you insured?

Yes. Absolutely. 100%. For sure. Yes, yes, and yes again! I can assure you that I have public liability, products liability, professional indemnity, material damage and equipment insurance. I am fully covered for eventualities, both in the UK and internationally. I am happy to provide a certificate of insurance upon request.

How do you make your couples less awkward in front of the camera?

Most couples you will see in my portfolio expressed reservations about being photographed. But my relaxed approach and aim to not use obvious, unnatural ‘poses’ seems to help every time. An engagement or pre-wedding shoot can also help. During this, we can get to know each other better. You can get used to being in front of the camera before your wedding day and discussing your ideas with me. For me, it’s a great pleasure to get to know the couples I work alongside.

How will you send us our photos?

As part of your wedding photography package, I will send you a hand-wrapped USB stick, presented in a beautiful box and delivered straight to your door. Once your images are ready, I will also publish them in a password-protected online gallery in my client lounge. Your friends and family can access them here at any time.

Have you shot at my venue before?

I’ve shot at hundreds of venues, so there’s a good chance that I have. If not, I will arrive early on the day to scout the best photography locations. I will also do extensive online research prior to your big day.

Do you have experience shooting multicultural weddings?

Yes, I have experience of documenting a variety of different types of wedding ceremonies. I love the beauty, uniqueness and endless combinations of traditions, styles and colours when I shoot multicultural weddings. See my portfolio to get a feel for my style and how your multicultural wedding could look. The possibilities are endless!

What if it rains on our wedding day?

If there’s one thing that never says 'I do', it is the weather. A spot of rain on your wedding day could present opportunities for unique, creative photos. My advice for an outdoor wedding is to prepare for the possibility of rain. Stock up on umbrellas. I suggest that you bring big, clear bubble umbrellas, or colourful umbrellas, for yourselves and the bridal party. Photos with umbrellas are so striking that you may even wish for a shower! The best approach is to embrace whatever happens and keep smiling. I will be there to do my best and take the wedding photos you have dreamed of - whatever the weather.

My partner is uncomfortable having their picture taken. Can you help?

I am very calm and focused and I tend to blend into the scene rather than draw attention to myself and my camera. That, combined with my documentary-style approach will have you both used to me within the first half-hour of your getting-ready time. Most couples tell me I am part of the furniture, blending in with the guests. The only time you will really be aware of me and my camera is during the family group photo and the creative portraits. During this time, I will guide you through everything. You can be yourselves and I will take care of the rest.

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

In short, no. But I would really appreciate it if you did! After working on your wedding all day, my energy will be flagging. Sitting down with your friends and family gives me the chance to get a feel for their personalities ahead of the night-time celebrations. I am not a fussy eater and will be happy to eat at the same time as everyone else. Most couples will not want to be photographed while eating. So this natural pause usually suits all parties before we start up again and continue your coverage into the evening.

How long do you take to deliver the photos?

A few days after your wedding, I will release a selection of images on my blog. I take an incredible amount of care in editing your photographs, ensuring they will look great for years to come. Therefore, I usually take around three to five weeks to deliver your wedding pictures to you. But generally, it depends on the scale of your wedding and the time of year. Once your images are ready, I will publish your password-protected online gallery in my client lounge for your friends and family to access any time.