All-Inclusive Wedding Day Storytelling

My Wedding Photography Approach and Style

“So much more than just wedding photography…see your wedding day story unfold through my unique and creative lens.”  

Your wedding day will be the most special, memorable day of your life. After the bustle has faded and it’s the two of you alone together, you will want to look back at your day. Reliving your favourite parts and seeing yourselves and your loved ones from a unique viewpoint. Cookie-cutter wedding photography with unnatural poses is not good enough. Your wedding photography should be as individual and fun as you are. It should allow imagination and creativity to lead the way.

My approach to wedding photography is ‘creative documentary’. I’m a responsive, creative, storytelling photographer. I look for interesting light, angles, and backgrounds. I use different and refreshing techniques to turn your wedding portraits into works of art. My goal is to document your wedding day as naturally as possible. You won't be conscious of me and my camera (and beard!) Tracing the moments as they happen, I will picture your guests interacting and capture the way you move through your day together.