A destination photographer for the UK, Europe or wherever your imagination leads

Sourcing a destination wedding photographer is one of many tasks when marrying away from home. You need a photographer who fits your personality as a couple. Finding a professional to execute your ideas, feelings and plans is crucial.

As a creative freelancer with a passion for travel, I love to work on destination wedding photography. So far, I’ve snapped several destination weddings and weddings abroad. I’m more than happy to travel to work with you at your chosen location – whether far away or closer to home.

The Fresh Perspective of a Destination Wedding

Choosing to marry away from the familiarity of home is an exciting adventure. Committing to your next chapter together in a fresh, new environment creates standout memories.

A Destination Wedding Photographer for Any Location

Maybe you’re planning to say “I do” next to the rolling waves of a Grecian beach. Or on a marble staircase in Venice or in a rustic Lake District inn. Whatever the surroundings, I can work with you to make your day even more unique and memorable.

Your Very Own Polish Wedding Photographer

Besides my role as your destination wedding photographer, I can offer language skills. Originally from Poland, I can communicate discussions and instructions in both Polish and English. This removes the need to source a separate interpreter, saving you time and costs. "Twoje zdrowie" to that!

Your Destination Wedding Photographer Questions Answered

Arranging a wedding abroad is a big commitment. You're bound to have questions about destination wedding photography, pricing, packages or travel arrangements. My FAQs may answer some of these. For more specific and personalised queries, get in touch here.