Your journey together begins here

Immortalising the excitement between “yes!” and “I do”, you need creative and adaptive engagement photography. Photography which captures the fun, thrills and giddiness of your early days together.

Frame the Excitement of Your Beginning

There’s nothing quite like that post-engagement feeling. With so many plans and adventures ahead, it’s important to stop and appreciate each other. This gives you time to celebrate what makes you unique as a couple. Some people choose beaches as a backdrop, others a more urban setting. Others still may go back to the place they first met. Whether you choose an engagement photographer in Manchester, the North West or in more exotic climes, I provide a personalised service and guide you to your perfect result.

Engagement Photography That Captures Your Dynamic

Advising you on natural, ‘non-posey’ poses, I can put you at ease to let your dynamic as a couple shine. Many couples I work with worry about being camera-shy. My experience and techniques help you relax and forget the camera. Shoots with an engagement photographer in Manchester or elsewhere usually last for a couple of hours. Afterwards you’ll receive the best images through your very own space in my client lounge. Get in touch to share your ideas and concepts and we can work together to make it happen.