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Bearded Camera


How I Hope To Capture Your Most Beautiful Wedding Photos. For each part of your day and night, I find a perfect location different from any of your guests. Then, I set the camera, hold my breath, take a shot … and I capture your expression, the surroundings, the emotion. So beautiful, so happy, so in love! Unforgettable moments which you will keep in your hearts forever.

The most beautiful, interesting photos come from a unique perspective. My focus is on unique wedding photography images, combined with a perfect sense of beauty and every unique dimension of your wedding day. And because it is also the day where everyone looks amazing — especially you — the approach will also blend fashion-inspired imagery with photojournalist storytelling. All assembled in a fantastic fine-art wedding album with carefully selected photos that you will enjoy looking at forever!

I personally design each of the wedding album layouts to tell your day in a unique and seamless flow of images which will bring those precious moments and memories back to you every time you will look at the album. Every Italian wedding album is totally customizable as far as size, number of pages, paper types, an almost limitless variation of cover options and materials.

I have spent a long time looking for the perfect wedding albums, and I think I have found them for you!

Below you can see images of my sample fine-art albums.